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Welcome to Biokript, We're excited to introduce you to our innovative
Modaraba profit sharing feature, a unique approach that sets us apart in
the world of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Mudharabah Profit Sharing

We believe in the power of sharing the success of our exchange with the very
people who make it thrive – our valued token holders. Our Mudharabah profit
sharing feature is designed to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Here’s how it works:gradient

Transparent Allocation

We take pride in being transparent about how we allocate the profits. 40% of all the profits generated by our platform will be allocated to our company wallet. These funds are then used for essential purposes such as marketing efforts to expand our reach, salaries for our dedicated team members, and covering other necessary expenses.

Takaful Insurance

We allocate 5% to Takaful insurance, ensuring your investments are protected, and you have peace of mind in uncertain times.


Maintaining a financial cushion is crucial. We dedicate 5% to reserves, which can be tapped into when needed to support the platform's stability and growth.

Token Burn

To enhance the scarcity and value of Biokript tokens, we reserve 10% for token burn, effectively reducing the overall token supply.

Community-Centric Distribution

We firmly believe that our success should be shared with our community. Thus, the remaining 40% is proportionally distributed to all token holders. This means that the more BKPT tokens you hold, the more you benefit from our trading fee revenue distribution.

Our Mudharabah profit sharing feature at Biokript is more than just a mechanism; it's a commitment to our community. We are dedicated to fostering trust, growth, and sustainability, ensuring that every member of our ecosystem has a stake in our success.

Join us today and experience a cryptocurrency exchange that prioritizes its users like never before.

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